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Lasix is a diuretic used to treat edema and hypertension

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Lasix Information

Lasix Medication Information Leaflet

Common Use

Lasix is used to treat fluid retention (edema) in people with congestive heart failure, liver disease, or a kidney disorder such as nephrotic syndrome. It is also used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension).

Generic Ingredient

The generic name for Lasix is Furosemide. It is available in the UAE market.


Lasix is a loop diuretic, which works by causing the kidneys to eliminate unneeded water and salt from the body into the urine.

Certification Information

Lasix is approved in various countries, including the United States, European countries, and others.

Known Alternatives in UAE

Some alternatives to Lasix in the UAE may include hydrochlorothiazide, torsemide, and bumetanide. However, it is important to consult a healthcare professional for suitable alternatives.

Clinical Use

Lasix is used to manage conditions such as edema, high blood pressure, and certain renal and liver disorders. It can be used as a standalone treatment or in combination with other medications.

Spectrum Of Activity

Lasix primarily acts on the kidneys to increase urine production and reduce excess fluid in the body. It is effective in managing edema associated with various conditions and in controlling blood pressure.

Drug interaction

Lasix can interact with several medications, including corticosteroids, digoxin, aminoglycoside antibiotics, and NSAIDs. It is important to inform the healthcare provider about all medications being taken to prevent potential interactions.

Dosage and Directions

The dosage of Lasix depends on the individual's condition and response to treatment. It is usually taken orally, and the dose may be adjusted by the healthcare provider. Follow the directions provided by the healthcare professional.

Contraindications and Precautions

Lasix should be used with caution in individuals with a history of gout, diabetes, or kidney problems. It is contraindicated in certain conditions such as an allergy to sulfa drugs, anuria, and electrolyte depletion.

Possible side effect

Common side effects of Lasix may include dehydration, dizziness, low potassium levels, and increased urination. It may also cause an allergic reaction or hearing loss in some individuals. Contact a healthcare professional if any adverse effects are experienced.

Missed dose and Overdose

If a dose of Lasix is missed, take it as soon as remembered, unless it is nearly time for the next dose. Do not double the dose to catch up. In case of overdose, seek immediate medical attention.


Lasix should be stored at room temperature away from light and moisture. Keep the medication out of reach of children and pets.

Special Cases

Special consideration is needed when using Lasix in pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as in elderly individuals. Only use Lasix during pregnancy if clearly needed and under the guidance of a healthcare provider.

Known Non-standard Use

In some cases, Lasix may be used off-label for conditions not listed in the approved professional labeling.

Patient Considerations

Patients using Lasix should be monitored for electrolyte levels, kidney function, and blood pressure. It is important to report any unusual symptoms or side effects to the healthcare provider.

Possible Risks

Using Lasix may pose certain risks such as dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and potential interactions with other medications. It is crucial to use Lasix under the supervision of a healthcare professional and follow all recommendations for safe and effective use.

Lasix FAQ

What is Lasix used for?

Lasix, also known as furosemide, is a diuretic medication used to treat fluid retention (edema) in people with congestive heart failure, liver disease, or kidney disorder, as well as high blood pressure (hypertension).

How should I take Lasix?

Lasix should be taken exactly as prescribed by your doctor. The dosage and frequency will depend on your condition and response to the treatment. It is important to follow the instructions provided by your healthcare provider.

What are the potential side effects of Lasix?

Common side effects of Lasix include dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, dizziness, and muscle cramps. It is essential to seek medical advice if you experience severe side effects or allergic reactions such as rash, itching, or difficulty breathing.

Can Lasix be taken during pregnancy?

Lasix is not recommended during pregnancy as it may harm an unborn baby. If you are pregnant or planning to conceive, consult your healthcare provider before using Lasix.

What should I avoid while taking Lasix?

While taking Lasix, it is advisable to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, as the medication can make you more sensitive to UV rays. Additionally, be cautious when rising from a sitting or lying position to prevent dizziness.

Is Lasix safe for children?

Lasix can be prescribed to children under the supervision of a pediatrician. The dosage and safety of the medication for children will be determined by the healthcare provider based on their specific condition.

Can I consume alcohol while taking Lasix?

It is recommended to limit alcohol consumption while taking Lasix, as alcohol can potentiate the blood pressure-lowering effect of the medication and may exacerbate certain side effects.

What happens if I miss a dose of Lasix?

If you miss a dose of Lasix, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and continue with your regular dosing schedule. Do not take extra medication to make up for the missed dose.

How long does it take for Lasix to start working?

Lasix usually begins to work within one hour of oral administration. However, the onset of action may vary depending on individual factors and the formulation of the medication.

Does Lasix interact with other medications?

Lasix may interact with certain medications, including other diuretics, antibiotics, and drugs for high blood pressure. It is crucial to inform your doctor about all the medications and supplements you are currently taking to prevent potential interactions.

Is Lasix a controlled substance?

Lasix is not classified as a controlled substance, and it is available by prescription in most countries, including the UAE. However, it should be used only as prescribed by a healthcare professional.

Can Lasix cause dehydration?

Lasix is a diuretic medication that increases urine production, which can lead to dehydration if fluid intake is not adequately maintained. It is essential to ensure proper hydration while using Lasix.

Are there any dietary restrictions while taking Lasix?

While taking Lasix, it is advisable to maintain a balanced diet and moderate your intake of high-potassium foods, as the medication can affect electrolyte levels in the body. Consult with your healthcare provider for personalized dietary recommendations.

Can Lasix be used for weight loss?

Lasix should not be used for weight loss purposes, as its primary function is to treat fluid retention and manage certain medical conditions under medical supervision. It is important to use Lasix only as prescribed by a healthcare professional.

How long can I take Lasix?

The duration of Lasix treatment will be determined by your doctor based on the underlying condition being treated. It is essential to adhere to the prescribed duration of use and attend regular follow-up appointments with your healthcare provider.

Lasix Purchasing Information

Can One buy Lasix online in UAE?

Yes, you can buy Lasix online in UAE. Lasix is available from various reputable online pharmacies such as ours. To purchase Lasix in our online pharmacy, you do not need a prescription from a healthcare provider, as we can issue it to you online.

Can I legally buy Lasix in UAE without a prescription?

One can legally order Lasix online in UAE via overseas online pharmacy. It is legal because the order is coming from outside the area of UAE and falls under the jurisdiction of the selling country.

Where can I safely order Lasix online in UAE?

You can buy Lasix online in UAE safely from overseas online pharmacy such as ours. We are established and trusted network of suppliers for branded and generic medications operating in the UAE market since 2018.

Information provided by Dr. Nithya Priya Raju. Reviewed by Dr. Mohamed El Khouly

Lasix Properties

  • Conditions To Treat: Edema, hypertension
  • Clinical Use: Diuretic
  • Spectrum Of Activity: Loop diuretic
  • Mechanism Of Action: Increases urine output by inhibiting reabsorption of sodium and chloride
  • Length Of Use: Short-term and long-term
  • Recommended Dosage: 20-80 mg/day
  • Side Effects: Dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, dizziness

Lasix Drug Class

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Lasix saved my life! I had severe edema and couldn't even walk properly. But after taking Lasix for a few days, the swelling disappeared, and I felt so much better. 😃

Joe S. (Joe91) Dubai, UAE

Lasix is a miracle drug. It quickly eliminates excess fluid from the body. I used to suffer from water retention, but Lasix always comes to the rescue. It's a life-saver! 💦

Mia K. (Mia29) Abu Dhabi, UAE

Lasix 40mg helped me with my blood pressure and bloating issues. It made me feel lighter and eased my breathing. 🌬️

Ahmed H. (AH89) Muscat, Oman

I had a horrible experience with Lasix. It caused severe dehydration and dizziness. I had to discontinue it after only a few days. 😫

Sara A. (Sara87) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Lasix worked wonders for my ankle swelling. It reduced the puffiness and made it easier to move around. Highly recommended! 👍

Faisal A. (Faisal82) Doha, Qatar

I've been using Lasix for a few weeks now, and it has been invaluable in treating my heart failure. It has greatly improved my quality of life. ❤️

Aliya P. (Aliya11) Dubai, UAE

Lasix caused me severe muscle cramps and weakness. I couldn't continue taking it due to these uncomfortable side effects. 😖

Rashid A. (Rashid94) Muscat, Oman

Lasix was prescribed to me for treating hypertension, and it has been effective in controlling my blood pressure. However, I've noticed increased frequency in urination. 🚽

Hana A. (Hana22) Abu Dhabi, UAE

I had mixed results with Lasix. It initially helped with my swelling but soon caused significant electrolyte imbalances. Be cautious while using it. ⚡

Amir K. (Amir76) Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Lasix made me feel so weak and fatigued. I had to stop taking it as it was affecting my daily activities negatively. 😴

Fatima A. (Fatima33) Dubai, UAE

Lasix worked wonders for my mother's edema. She was struggling to walk, and within a week of taking Lasix, she showed tremendous improvement. 👵

Zayed A. (Zayed07) Doha, Qatar

Lasix gave me severe leg cramps and muscle pain. It was unbearable, and I had to discontinue it. 😭

Hessa M. (Hessa18) Sharjah, UAE

Lasix helped relieve my persistent ankle swelling. It worked quickly and effectively. I'm grateful for this medication. 🙏

Hamza A. (Hamza63) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Lasix initially helped with my bloating, but it caused frequent and urgent urination, which was very inconvenient. I had to consult my doctor for an alternative. 🚻

Noura A. (Noura41) Muscat, Oman

Lasix worked well for my hypertension, but I experienced mild dizziness and a dry mouth. Despite these side effects, it did help control my blood pressure.

Aisha M. (Aisha55) Abu Dhabi, UAE

I suffered from edema due to kidney problems, and Lasix helped eliminate the excess fluid. However, I had to monitor my potassium levels closely.

Mohammed A. (Mohammed42) Dubai, UAE

Lasix worsened my muscle weakness and fatigue. I had to find an alternative to manage my fluid retention. 💪

Youssef K. (Youssef99) Doha, Qatar

Lasix initially helped with my swelling, but it caused me to feel lightheaded and dizzy. I decided to stop using it and explore other options. 😵

Muna A. (Muna09) Muscat, Oman

Lasix was a game-changer for my edema. It quickly reduced the swelling and allowed me to move comfortably again. Thankful for this medication. 🙌

Salma N. (Salma65) Sharjah, UAE

I experienced irregular heartbeat and palpitations while taking Lasix. It was concerning, so I stopped using it and opted for alternative treatments. 💔

Khalid A. (Khalid38) Abu Dhabi, UAE

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